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What I thought of Black Panther

Yesterday, the 4th of March, I finally went to see Black Panther. Truth is, at first I was kinda reluctant but reading all the reviews online and the fact that I didn’t want to be left out of the Wakanda train, I finally saw it.

I was so excited honestly; anyway, that’s normal; I’m usually excited whenever I’m at the cinema. I love movies, don’t blame me.

Anyway, back to my reason for this post, I’ll write what I thought about the movie. Please, this is just my opinion.

I went from church straight to the cinema, so I arrived a few minutes late. I was worried I would miss out but I didn’t.
This is me just leaving Church, looking Hottttttttttt
I went with so much excitement that at last, the Wakanda train did not leave me behind, and will I say I loved the movie? Read on.

In my opinion, black Americans will love this movie more than we Africans. This movie was made for them.

I usually pity Black Americans, in the sense that they have no home. They can’t come back to their real home; Africa cos they won’t fit in and where they are right now, it’s still not home. If it was truly a home, they won’t be treated like an outcast. So Black Panther is for them.

Black Panther will give them a sense of belonging, a place, and give them a feeling of reconnection to the African Continent and their roots.

There were so many things that were symbolic in the movie. For starters, Kilmonger no doubt had good intentions, but in my opinion, he represents the corrupt politicians we have in Africa, who via for positions with claims of good governance but steal billions of money and cart them away to foreign lands. 

And then the fight and disagreement between Kilmonger and T’Challa to me symbolise the disunity we often have amongst ourselves especially among us Black people. A people against itself cannot stand. If Africa and the Black people must be successful or grow as a nation, we must work together. Distrust is too costly. 

But then again, I feel Black Panther is passing across so many political statements. Like, Black people have been oppressed but to overcome further oppression, we have to liberate ourselves by what we have within us and in our land. This in reference to Kilmonger who identifies with other black people who’ve grown up in poverty and he wants to use Wakanda’s advanced technology to liberate them.

Another thing was the multiple incantations and rituals, performed in the movie. Maybe the outside world still looks at Africa like we are primitive in our ways and actions, or we still worship trees and stones. 

Anyway, I loved the fact that the movie made Africa (Wakanda) technologically developed and advanced, rich, and without collecting aids. I love that. Cos if there’s one thing Africa is known for is the fact that it is an aids collecting continent. I also love the fact that Wakanda was made with a fusion of most African countries.

Another thing I loved, was a scene where “Sambisa forest”, Boko Haram and the Chibok girls was shown and T’Challa came to rescue them, I laughed so hard cos I kept telling myself, if only this could happen in real life. Infact one of the Terrorists spoke Hausa. This shows the producers did their research. 

Then the acting skills of Sterling K brown, Danai Gurira, and Letitia Wright were outstanding in their performance.

But then, Black Panther is to me a if wishes were horses” kind of film. But it’s possible if black people can stop being selfish and start looking out for each other. For example, Politicians in Africa would stop stealing and start channelling our resources towards the development of the continent. Take the issue of Power, for instance, Nigeria and much of Africa still battle with lack of constant power supply. Instead of successive government to solve this issue, they would rather take the money and build mansions abroad. We have to start looking out for ourselves. The enemy is not outside but within us.

In summary, this isn’t your typical black movie where the black people are poor, live in wretched houses and have multiple baby mamas/baby papas. This is the movie where people with black skin will be proud.

So did I love it, yes I did. Wakanda Forever, hahahahaha.

PS: Chadwick Boseman is my new celebrity crush, dude is just too fineeeee.

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