Thursday, 14 December 2017

If you die today; What will you be Remembered for?

Yesterday morning while preparing for work, I remembered a friend of mine; Ibrahim. Ibrahim was a sweetheart, when we lived in the same building, he would polish my shoe every morning. He would go out of his way & convenience just to make me comfortable.

He treated me like a 👑. But unfortunately he didn't live long; he died at the age of 30. I felt sad that upon how he would have been the sweetest husband ever, no woman had that privilege.

In my sorrow, it struck me that despite the fact that he didn't live long, I'm remembering him today with fondness & sweet memories.
I believe that's what matters most, the memories we leave in the hearts of people. Ibrahim was kind, sweet & gentle. Everyone who knew him testified to his character.

He didn't live long yes, but his short life made impact everywhere he went. 

Don't be like Methuselah who was the oldest man on earth yet his long life was a complete waste because he achieved nothing. The Bible recorded that all the days of Methuselah were nine hundred and sixty-nine (969) years and he died. Genesis 5:27. He just came lived and died.

Jesus lived for only 33 years but his impact is still being felt today.

If you drop dead today, what will you be remembered for?

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  1. This is really a selah post to rethink&make up our mind to be kind in all we do as we are going into 2018.