Wednesday, 1 November 2017

What really is Exam Malpractise?

Just this week, I wrote a promotional exam in my office. There was a lot of noise about it like it was some kind of a big deal; a deal that I didn’t even understand. There was so much reminder of, read oh, how far with jacking? congratulations in advance. You know those type of talk we say in school when writing exams.

Finally, exam day came, after all the preparations that had gone into it. I couldn’t wait because I just wanted it to be over and done with so we can all move on. 

We settled in our seats, anticipating our paper and I told my friend who sat beside me that I don’t talk during exams. Then he said, ha since you don’t communicate during exam, maybe I should leave this seat and look for another. I just laughed.

I came into this exam hall with the mindset that everyone would mind their business and behave like adults, but mehn I was disappointed. 

Even people that I didn’t expect to communicate during the exam were engaging in discussions. In fact, at a point, it became a free for all. Now, this is not to shame anyone, I am just expressing my surprise.

I got home and somehow I & my family got into an argument about exams. We were arguing about cheating during an exam. The question asked was, let’s say, for example, some people are discussing while the examination is going on and you eavesdrop on their conversation and write down the answers they say, is that cheating?

My response was writing an answer in which you heard in a conversation during the exam is wrong because examinations are to test your knowledge. But you have favourably altered the result of your exams by writing what you eavesdropped.

My sister and my parents did not agree with me, that it was cheating; after all, you didn’t engage in the discussion you only eavesdropped and wrote down what you heard.

In fact, someone said God would be angry with you if you didn’t write what you heard, as that could be him (God) helping you out. 

On the day of this argument, my family did a good job of convincing me that it wasn’t wrong writing an answer you heard while your seatmates were conversing during an examination. 

But honestly speaking, I’m still confused so I’m passing this over to you guys, I want to know your opinion; is it cheating or not? 

Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you for your time.

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  1. I think it is cheating. What if the person didn't eavesdrop he/she would not have been able to answer the question. Just my thought.


    1. Abi oh, my thoughts too. Thank you for sharing.

  2. It depends on the situation, there are times I was torn between two options and then someone said one of them but not to me, I have heard it and it was one of mine. At that point, I can't intentionally pick the other answer just because I don't want to cheat. I hope I am making sense but to each his own. Search your conscience and you will find the answer

    1. You made sense, thank you for sharing your thoughts.