Friday, 24 November 2017

The Deceit of Online Shopping

At the beginning of the month of November, I saw an advert from an online company that there would be black Friday sales and I was excited. As an experienced online shopper, I knew that if you don’t hurry, you will miss the great deals.

So off I went to their site looking for a bag. I was captivated by a few but only one caught my attention. The pic above is the bag that caught my attention. I told myself I must have it.

After several delays, the bag was eventually delivered to me. At first, when I saw the carton that housed the bag I was like this carton is too small for the size of the bag, but I held my peace.

Long story short when I opened the carton I was in for the surprise of my life, the bag is so small, it can’t even carry any reasonable thing. I couldn’t believe it. Even though it’s nothing like the picture on the site, I still paid for it.

Honestly speaking anytime I see the bag I get so angry, I kept asking myself why will the company deceive their customer in that way? They should have used the correct picture of the size of the bag on the site. Here I was thinking the bag was big, but instead, it’s a tote.

Honestly, this experience has made me reconsider online shopping. Whenever people complain that what they ordered is not what they got, I always thought it would never happen to me. This is sincerely all shades of wrong. 

Here are the pics of the real thing. 

Have you guys ever experienced anything similar? What did you do? What should I have done or should do? Despite the fact that I was deceived by the company  about the size, I still like the bag. Though I wouldn’t have bought it if I knew it was that small.

Anyway, my rant is over. Thank you for reading; I await your thoughts in the comment section.

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