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As some of you may know, I have natural hair and when I started this natural hair journey, I hid my hair a lot. As a matter of fact, I was ashamed of it and I felt I would hide it until the hair becomes very long. This may stem from the fact that, I just felt I could do nothing with it.

But recently I have become braver, and I’m beginning to show more of my hair now. So today, I will be uploading different pics of natural hairstyles you could do. They are simple and easy to do. This is to help those who have natural hair and think that it isn’t versatile. But I have discovered that natural hair is the most versatile of all hair textures. There’s a lot you could with your hair regardless of what length it is.
 Here I did Bantu knot, and you guys wouldn't believe I carried this hair, EVERYWHERE I went, lol. To make bantu knot is pretty easy, just section your hair into different portions, take a portion and twist it round itself. But first, make sure the hair is washed and clean, also use a curling cream so as to keep the coils tight. My sister is my hair stylist, so she made mine. If you can't make the hair yourself, look for a good saloon. 

 When I loosed the bantu, this picture above was the end result. This is me at COZA. The funny thing about the style above is, I felt I was looking like a mad woman, but that was the style I got the most compliment on. I was at COZA's restroom, when I caught at least two ladies literally staring at my hair. One of the ladies couldn't help it, she told me, "I love your hair, I wish we could exchange", I was so surprised because I didn't think the hair looked good, but here was someone telling me she wanted my hair.

Then once inside the church, I caught another lady who stared at my hair all through service, one lady walked up to me and said, "Your hair is very healthy and beautiful", I was thrilled. This was me thinking I looked like a corporate mad woman with a short hair, and someone tells me it is healthy. I guess then that Healthy hair is more important than length. 

How did I achieve this look? I simply loosed the bantu gently, expanded the hair from beneath without getting to the top so I don't lose the curl and viola, you have a gorgeous hair like mine, lol. I put the rose in my hair, to jazz up the look a little (I believe it worked, lol).

Then we have the high puff. Now this style is one I had always crushed on, my God I loved it. But I felt my hair isn't long enough to do it. But one day my sister said to me, "I believe your hair can pack oh", initially I doubted but I decided why not. So with as simple as a string of rubber, some cantu hair butter, my hair packed. Yayyyyyy, lol. How to? Simple: just wear a rubber on your hair and draw it to the extent it can take or how long your hair is. 

Then we have the mohawk. I think this is my favourite of all. I love it, and it's pretty easy to do. All I did was comb the sides of my hair and use hair pins to stick them in. The pic says it all. Just make sure the pins are in a straight line. It's funky and non traditional. 

So there you have it guys, the various styles I put my hair through. I will keep updating it, as soon as I discover other simple but beautiful hair styles. 

With hair, all you need is patience and the right products and it will answer to you. 

Do you love these styles? What other hair styles, do you do, I would really love to know. Are you a naturalista? How are you finding the journey? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Natural hair is one hell of a thing I can't put myself through at least not yet. To carry natural hair and enjoy it, you need time and also a willing helping hand. GL, you are lucky you have someone to do all of these for you foc

    1. You're so right. Natural hair is not easy at all and I'm so lucky to have my sister help me with it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.