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Hello Nigerians, how did you spend the holidays? In Nigeria, we had a long weekend for the Sallah celebrations. I know the title is funny, but that’s the only thing I can use to describe this post, lol. I would like you guys to follow me closely.

The holiday was from Friday to Monday. On Friday I did my hair. I made a hairstyle I have never made before and it’s so beautiful. When I loosed the braids I had on, I discovered my hair has grown. You needed to see how excited I was.

After I had made my hair. Isn't it beautiful?

I had cut my hair when I transitioned to natural hair and my hair is growing rapidly (happy dance). After making my hair, I baked a chocolate cake for a client.

Then on Saturday, I iced the cake and it’s so beautiful. Making this cake was really exciting for me. I normally see pictures of this type of cake on Instagram and I always wondered when I would make one successfully. And thanks to the help of my sister, we pulled it off. In fact, we had fun doing it.

Then on Monday, I and my sister went for some outing. We had initially planned to go to Magic Land Abuja, but when we got there, the place was dry and empty. We were later told its because we got there early. Anyway, we left Magic Land. Then off we went to Silverbird Galleria for sight-seeing and some great food. But before we left Magic land we took some photos. 
My Sister


The outing I had with my sister made me realise every great outing requires great money, lol. Can't someone just go somewhere to relax without having to break the bank?

In summary, I would say we had a pretty nice time.

So dear Nigerians, how did you spend the holidays?

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  1. Happy birthday.

    1. Thank you, though it's not my birthday, it's a client.

  2. Lovely cake, my love for cakes ehen...
    I spent part of my holiday at work and the remaining sleeping.


    1. Thank you very much. Eyah, I dread spending holidays at work.

  3. Nice one (your article). As to the way I spent my own holiday, I was actually home throughout, except Monday that I had to attend a meeting in town with one of my big aunties. On my way back from town. I was asked to take the route by Berger round about to offer lift to two great ladies.

    1. Thank you sir. LOl, I know those two ladies, hahahaha.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you dear & the cake is truly yummy.