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My Weekend Story + My thoughts about the Voice Nigeria

Howdy people, I hope you all had a nice weekend? My weekend was an unforgettable one; to say the least very eventful. Normally, my Saturdays are to do my laundry; if there’s power. And so this Saturday as usual, I wanted to do my laundry but there was no power. So I started doing some blog work.

I sent out emails, (by the way, it would gladden my heart if you guys can subscribe to the blog, so you can receive new posts, freebies, and other information as soon as they land. Just click here), published a post, was working on an eBook when I got an unusual visitor.

A family friend who had been learning baking came to the house; apparently, she had missed a session with my mum. She had already learnt how to bake, so she came to learn fondant icing. My mum wasn’t around but she met me and that was how I reluctantly had to leave what I was doing to teach her. (In case you didn’t know I bake). 

I taught her fondant icing, and she & I decorated her cake. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pics, so you won’t be able to see the end result. But as usual, it was beautiful. 

When the cake was done, I decided to prepare lunch. It was a hard task deciding whether to cook vegetable soup & white rice or prepare jollof rice. Anyway, I decided on jollof rice and I wanted to use chopped tomatoes and pepper. I wanted the beauty the variety will give the rice. 

I searched the house for the vegetable grater but didn’t find any; I then decided to use my hands to chop them (big mistake). Immediately I put the pepper into water to wash them, I started choking, coughing even sneezing, I had to drink water immediately. That should have told me not to continue with my plan, but alas I didn’t get the message.

I chopped them (tomatoes and pepper) successfully and went ahead to prepare my delicious peppered jollof rice. It was so sweet but very pepperish. I patted myself on the back and I told myself; “Adejoke you can cook”, lol. I don’t like cooking, but when I cook, you must request a second round.

In the middle of decorating the cake, PHCN decided to restore power but that was already like 1 pm, I asked myself, should I still wash? I decided to wash; I set the washing machine in motion and started the process. My brother continued from where I stopped while I returned to decorating the cake. 

After cooking I went to have my bath, this was already 6 pm (covers face), but at the same time, I was watching Olympus has fallen (which in my opinion, is a very unrealistic movie), but very interesting. I quickly had my bath and continued the movie, but just at the nick of time, just when the movie was at its climax, PHCN struck and power was taken. 

Funny enough that was the same time my torture started. The hands that I used to chop pepper started peppering me; it felt like my hands were on fire. There’s nothing I didn’t do, from putting my hands into a bowl of water, to rubbing them with Ori (shea butter) to putting my hands under the fan but nothing worked. My hands were still on fire. But surprisingly, at night I felt next to nothing, I was even telling my mum it was a miracle. But I noticed when I was about closing my eyes to sleep I felt a peppery tingling sensation on my left hand. I just felt it was nothing and slept off.

The next day while having my bath, I noticed that as I poured the warm water on my body, I felt a peppery tingling sensation on my hands. I was surprised because I felt that the fire on my hands was gone. I ignored them and went to church, while in church, my hands started again. When I noticed it wasn’t going anywhere I took my mind off it and for the rest of the service, I felt fine; until I got back home. 

I have to tell you guys this, on Sunday I was looking hot. Chai. Even me I know, I looked very good. Check me out 

I had been having a headache since Saturday, which carried over till Sunday and when I wasn’t feeling any better, I decided to bath with cold water and sleep. But then one sudden rain woke me up, immediately I woke up, the peppery tingling sensation was back, but this time around it was on my palms and it was worse. As usual, I did what I thought, applied Ori, put my hands in ice cold water but there was no relief. My mum even suggested I apply palm oil, but I refused; I didn’t want to stain anywhere. So I decided to take my mind off it and become busy and alas I felt better.

But I noticed whenever I come close to anything hot; the tingling sensation would start again. Like when I hold my phone (which is always hot), cook, or use the system. But I have told myself I wouldn’t focus on it and hopefully I would be fine.

In the afternoon, a sudden rain began which woke me up and my clothes which were still drying from Saturday were wet all over again. I was really pissed. I rushed to pack them and offloaded them on my bed. Till this morning, they are still on my bed, because there was rain again this morning.

On Sunday night I tuned in to watch The Voice Nigeria. My Sunday is not complete without The Voice. The show is sometimes annoying and sometimes enjoyable. Yesterday’s show was underwhelming to me. The judges are not objective and realistic in their comments. Instead of being truthful so the contestants can learn and improve, they would use their sugar coated mouth to bamboozle them (contestants). And I’m particularly not happy with the contestant Timi decided to save yesterday. It’s a given that Precious knows how to sing, but he didn’t do justice to the song he was given. I have heard far better covers of that song. The Voice America is far better than Naija’s own. 

Dear readers, unfortunately, I still have a headache; a headache on the left side of my head. I took pain reliever yesterday and I was relieved for a while, I even slept without any pain. But when I woke up this morning, I woke up with the pain. And it increases as the day goes by. I will see a doctor this morning sha

What are your thoughts about The Voice Nigeria? Do you watch it? How do you cope with washing and drying your clothes in this rainy season? When next pepper wants to deal with me, what should I do? You’ve read my weekend story, so tell me, how was yours?

PS: PHCN means power holding company of Nigeria. The company responsible for the distribution of power in Nigeria.  

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