Sunday, 9 July 2017

This Woman is Great: A Poem for a Great Woman

She has gone through thick and thin
She climbed the wall so high
She fell, yet still climbing
This woman is great

She has walked this distance called life
She was tired, yet she walked so far a distance
Her feet hot as a burning coal, yet she kept on walking
This woman is great

She has loved so passionately
She loved and she was taken for a fool
She was burnt by their actions, yet she continued to love more
This woman is great

She has come to love herself even more
So perfect in her own eyes
Her happiness is for herself now
She is a great woman

I hope you enjoyed reading this. This is a poem someone who read my blog wrote about me. Prior to him reading the blog, he had earlier told me if he read my blog; he would be able to know who I am. To say the least, I was really anxious to get his opinion and he wrote this poem after he had read the blog. When I read the poem, I had tears in my eyes; this is one of the most beautiful things anyone has said or written about me. God bless you dear writer. 

Photo Credit: Ayodejialadefotography. Check him out on Instagram HERE

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