Friday, 21 July 2017

Love Song: Best Friend by Jason Mraz

Howdy people? How’s been the week? I know it’s been a while you guys heard from me, and I know I was supposed to post a love song yesterday, but honestly, I forgot, and so for that guys, I am sorry.

So today I will be redeeming myself by uploading one of the sweetest songs you’ve ever listened to. I came across this song; just by chance and when I listened to it, I was in awe. 

My belief has always been that people should marry their best friend; just like I stated HERE it just makes marriage sweeter and if you belong to that same school of thought, then this song is for you. 

Play this song for that best friend/lover who turned out to be the best thing you’ve ever had. It’s also the perfect song for a couple’s first dance.

Download HERE and enjoy.

I wish you the best weekend you’ve ever had. 

PS: don’t forget to leave a comment, sharing your thoughts about the song and if you loved this song (and me) then share this post.

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