Tuesday, 13 June 2017


When last did you thank God for going to the toilet? Yes, you read well, I really mean the toilet, like you appreciated God for being able to excrete.
You can’t remember right, even me too. 

Now, that’s the problem. We have trivialised every gift God has given to us making us feel like it’s our right. But sorry to burst your bubbles Oh, it is not our right and it has never been our right. God doesn’t owe us anything; rather we owe Him everything down to our being. 

We begin to get off track when it becomes about us and not Him when we feel our strength has and can pull us through life situations when we conclude that it’s our life and we can do and undo with it.

It is a very common thing now to hear questions like “what is God going to do for me? Or how is God gong to bless me?” but forgetting to even say thank you for what He has done before. We just wake up and want God to sign that blank check for us while we run around spending heavens funds nonchalantly without even appreciating Him for the little He has done for us.

We must always remember that God is in control and not we; therefore when next you are able to excrete remember that it is not by your power or might because if it were, then we wouldn’t have people who are constipating.

So today I charge you to look out for the blessings which you feel you have a right to and be grateful to God for them and also remind that neighbour of yours who has forgotten to give thanks to God to do so today and always.

Lord, forgive us for trivialising your blessings in our lives. Help us to always come with a mouth full of thanksgiving to you. Fan the flame of thanksgiving in our lives and remind us every day that you are still in control, that all glory be ascribed unto you. Amen.


This article was written by my sweetest sister in whom I am very well pleased. She also doubles as my BFF and proofreader, Deborah Adeyanju. She’s a Medical Student passionate about making a difference in the world of Medicine. Reading this her article, you can tell she has learnt well and I’m very much proud of her. You can check her on facebook HERE.

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  1. On behalf of Deborah, thank you.

  2. Olatunde AdeyanjuThursday, August 24, 2017

    Quite great n fantastic. God I am indeed grateful for everything about my life.

    1. May gratitude and thanksgiving never depart from our heart and mouth.
      Thank you sir for taking out the time to read and comment.