Thursday, 11 May 2017


As I promised earlier, there would be a giveaway today to commemorate our One (1) Anniversary. It’s small, but one that the winners would love.

I just have few questions to ask, and whoever can answer anyone first will win the prices. Please, this giveaway is open to only Nigerian residents. 

Question 1: What is the former name of this blog?

Question 2: what is special about Mondays and Thursdays on the blog?

Question 3: what is the title of the last or the first article that was published on another blog?

Question 4: The last visitor post was by who and what is the title of the post?

There are four questions, that means there will be four winners and four prices. So hurry and get answering. Good luck. 

Note: to qualify as a winner, you must in your answer

      1. Include what your best post is and why.
      2. Include a functioning email address.

tThank you.

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Great Lady
Great Lady

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  1. Congratulations Great Lady! Well done great lady, keep it up.
    Answer to question 1:memoirs of a bored lady.
    My best post is 'The pressures of getting married'. This is because I'm just lucky I wasn't pressured at all and wedding is coming up soon.
    [email protected]
    PS: I'm a fan of Adventure of Shalewa because I love reading and I love the suspense. I always look forward to reading the story. I always comment in every post as Anonymous.

    1. Wowwww your best post is my first major post. Thank you. I love that post too. I'm really elated you're getting married and it was without pressure. Make sure you invite me oh, lol.
      I'm also happy happy you love the Adventures of Shalewa; really gladdens my heart.

  2. Hi Great lady it's Anonymous again. The answer to question 1 is memoirs of an Abuja bored girl. Sorry, I got carried away while typing 'cos I was talking to my colleague. It was the title of your blog that actually got me addicted.
    [email protected]

    1. Yeah, that title was quite catchy and you got the first answer right. Thank you for commenting.

  3. Yayyyyyy!!! I got my prize from Great lady. The give away is real.
    Thank you great lady.