Thursday, 2 March 2017


Ello, my people; how are you all doing? Forgive me for not wishing you all a Happy New Month yesterday. The year is moving very fast; I know. I honestly can’t believe it's March already. When did we say Happy New Year and we are already in the third month? 

Anyway, that’s life. If you’re aren’t careful; life would happen so fast and leave you behind. That’s why procrastination is the biggest threat to success and achievement. You keep putting off things you had earlier planned to do till later, thinking you still have time. Not knowing time is running out. 

This is the third month; I really hope the goals you planned out to achieve this year are already on course. Well if it hasn’t, then you still have nine (9) months to make it happen. 

Less I forget, I have changed the blog template…again. I know it’s too soon, but the other template was too slow and it was seriously affecting blog growth. So I had to change it. This time around, the transition was easier. So if you can, kindly let me know what you think about it. 

I wish you guys a great month. Make sure to grow, learn and have fun.


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  1. I can see you have been busy changing the template...this is better in terms of speed, regarding the looks..I think it will take some getting used to

    1. I had to change the template because the other one was slow, even though it was beautiful. I believe this is better. Thank you for commenting.

  2. I prefer this one because it is easier to navigate on the phone. Well done great lady.

  3. Thank you so much Anonymous. I'm happy you like it. Thank you also for stopping by.