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I’m writing this crying…not because I’m sad or I was beaten, but because I’m watching “Dere” a new series on Ebony Life TV. I had been seeing the advert on Ebony Life and I had been anticipating the premiere. Luckily for me, I was right on time for it. I had earlier checked the schedule on Ebony Life and the series was to begin today (February 7th) at 9 pm. I was watching one annoying movie on another channel and I had earlier forgotten about the series, I just happened to check Ebony Life as is my usual practice and vammmm, “Dere” had started. I quickly jumped in and episode 1 got me so emotional and I began to cry. As I watching, I just kept saying Lord don’t me lose my mother. I won’t reveal what the series is about so you can go watch it. It shows at 9 pm on Tuesdays.

Now back to the reason for this article, please this is not a sponsored post for Ebony Life TV (I wish it was, though, lol). I’ve wanted to write this post for a while now and today just seemed appropriate.

I love Ebony Life TV, to be sincere Ebony Life is the major reason I bought DSTV. Right from the days they began, I loved everything they stood for…the entertainment, the movies, the series not forgetting the fact that it’s run by a woman I admire so much.

I have always admired Aunty MO, I always used to watch Moments with MO, long before Ebony Life debuted. Then whenever I watched it, I would be like, “I would love to host a talk show one day”. I still have thoughts about it, though not as strong as it was back in the day. 

Anyone who knows me knows I watch only 5 channels on DSTV, Ebony Life, ROK, E, TLC, Africa Magic Yoruba and the rest comes after, lol.

Now let me give you guys my favourite programs on Ebony Life. My best of all time is EL R8D, I love that show. Emma Oh Ma God and Chigurl always shut it down, very hilarious, and their chemistry is off the hook. Next is VVIP events, men’s corner. Then I kind of like the Spot, but I’m beefing the hosts. Those guys just sit, dress casually and gist. The thing used to pain me, anytime I’m watching I would be like “Chai these people are doing what I love”. I love to dress casually and I love to talk, lol. So my beef is actually the good kind not “hating” oh. Their job looks so easy (the spot hosts), all they do is gist (hahaha). Anyway, it’s all love.

Let’s not forget that Ebony Life’s series are always a “hit back to back”. Is it The Governor, The Sons of the Caliphate, Desperate Housewives Africa, Dere etc, I love them all. There’s a lot of thoughts that goes into their productions. They are always bringing out new stuff every time. How can I forget their second movie, “The Wedding Party”, jeez catch out my post about it HERE. It’s my best Nigerian movie ever.

My only grouse with Ebony Life TV is that most of their anchors or those you see in front of the camera are “phoney” speaking. As in eh, Ebony Life likes “dem foreign accents”. To find out why I love Ebony Life this much, it’s channel 165 on DSTV.

As I said earlier, this post is not sponsored; this post is just to express my love for the channel.

So over to you, what channel/s do you love or rather dislike? I would love to hear from you dear readers. 

PS: To my foreign readers, “phoney” in Nigeria means speaking in an accent that’s different from the typical Nigerian accent.

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