Wednesday, 14 December 2016


I think I’m beginning to have what I term the baby fever. Two of my close friends recently put to bed and seeing them with their kids made me start imagining me what mine would like, how I would behave, how my life would change once I start having babies.

From what I gathered from my parents, I gave my parents lots of troubles as a baby.

    I was a crying child, I cried always and everywhere. At night my parents couldn’t sleep because I was crying. My Mum said one day after doing EVERYTHING she knew how to do and I wouldn’t stop crying; she joined me in the cry. I was crying, she was crying. My dad just told her to leave me in the parlour and go and sleep (that was savage) but it worked.

    NO ONE apart from my parents and caregiver could carry me; my screams alone and people would think you just stole a child. LMAO.

Funny enough, maybe because I was a crying baby, I don’t like hearing the cries of babies, it always melts my heart. I usually pray my babies are not crying children (May Karma not find my house). Hehehehehe

Anyway, I love children and I can’t wait to have them.

Before I used to say that when I get married, I would wait maybe 6months to 1year before having children, at least to have some alone time with future hubby; but mehn that talk is just BS. I don old already, by God’s grace as God blesses me; as I marry, na pikin straight oh. 

As I dey so, I don already get names for all my pikin dem, lol. Me I love names that are not common, eg saffron. Hehehehe. Let me not reveal my children names oh. 

Anyway, dear future hubby, please don’t be mad/surprised if I want to name our son Light or our daughter Sunshine Hahahahaha and please future children abeg don’t be like mummy and be crying anyhow. Even if you do, I still love you anyways. 

Thank you for reading, if you have any baby stories, kindly share.

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  1. are just funny. nice write up..children are just game

    1. Lol, thank you for reading and commenting.