Wednesday, 9 November 2016


I can’t believe Donald Trump is the President of the US. Though I predicted it, I’m still in shock. People didn’t think he would win, he wasn’t given any chance, mainstream media was against him and didn’t fail to show it, celebrities were against him, there were even prophesies that he would lose, it would like he didn’t stand a chance; yet the guy won with a landslide victory.  

Honestly this Donald Trump victory is a perfect story for courage, tenacity, self-belief and confidence. Hate or like him, there’s something about him to be admired, he was consistent in his belief and speech. Despite the fact that he was well hated, he still spoke his church mind about things he planned to do. What I learnt from all this, is that; In life, you’ve got to belief in yourself, focus on your focus doggedly and you would be a success story.  

Hilary Clinton fought a tough race; she should just take a long vacation to rest. I admire her ambitiousness but sometimes, what you want the most may elude you.

I wish Trump all the best, and I can’t wait for the coming months; to watch things in America begin to unfold. BTW, this 2016 has being one hell of an interesting year.

Counting down to my 28th birthday in six(6) days, still wondering how to celebrate it. Please if you have any ideas, kindly drop them in the comment section.

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  1. I was in shock wen I heard the results. But mhen the guy really tried sha despite all the hates he still made it. Congrats to him. He and Hillary's story is like Jonathan and Buhari.
    Hillary Clinton should really go for a very very long vacation with her loved ones.