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“People want to be rich and successful for themselves alone but when you touch lives; that’s taking it ten steps forward”. A mind blowing interview with the CEO Happy Chap Cocktails; Damilola Esho A MUST READ INTERVIEW for Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

I had being thinking of having an interview segment on the blog and I had an opportunity to interview a very successful celeb but schedules and our different locations did not make it possible(though it’s still in the works).

On Tuesday while speaking with a dear friend of mine, an idea just popped in my head, why don’t I interview her (my friend) and I told her and she immediately agreed to it. Meanwhile this was already 9pm, the interview took 3hrs and it lasted till midnight. I really appreciate her humility and openness, the sky is just her starting point.

She’s Damilola Esho; a graduate of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) and the CEO of Happy Chap Cocktails, headquartered in Lagos Nigeria. This interview is a must read for everyone especially those who are entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs. Without mincing words, it is mind blowing; you will learn a lot and be inspired. The interview is quite a read so I decided to make it into two (2) parts. Enjoy part 1. 

GL: Kindly tell us what you do?

DAMI: We are a small branded company that makes all kinds of cocktail drinks for every occasion. All our clients so far have given good reviews about our brand and services.

GL: How did you get the idea or concept for the business?

DAMI: it started with my passion for ice-cream and cool drinks. I can substitute food for drinks anytime, any day. Then I started mixing different drinks together and my siblings will taste it; and then when they saw the passion in me, they advised me to turn it to a business. I intend to have my own ice-cream shop by next year.

GL: What inspired the name Happy Chap Cocktails?

DAMI: Well I’m a happy to go girl, so I got the name from my personality. It’s funny but true.
GL: So we should expect ice-cream from Happy Chap Cocktails later in the future?

DAMI: totally… we intend to have our own franchise.

GL: What was your mission at the outset?

DAMI: my mission is to provide affordable cocktails services for our clients and ensure maximum satisfaction they cannot get anywhere else.

GL: Would you say having a supportive family is important for success in business?

DAMI: Yes it is.  When you have a family like mine that is supportive in what you do, you feel more confident and you will be encouraged to do more. As a matter of fact, my siblings assist with the planning of every event we do. It takes the pressure off you sometimes.

GL: If you could travel back in time to the day one of your start up and have a 15mins with your former self to communicate any lessons you’ve acquired with the intention of saving yourself mistakes and heartaches, what would you tell yourself?

DAMI: To NEVER give up in my dreams and to also believe in myself. I remember how many times I gave up on my dreams because I did not have the capital to start up and how I had to give almost everything to my business, just because I believed in my dreams. The only thing that kept me going was my drive.

GL: What is the Nigerian attitude towards cocktails?

DAMI: Well Nigerians, are receptive to it now compared to some years back.

GL: Some may say it’s an elite thing, what do you have to say about that?

DAMI: I disagree with that theory. People now realize that cocktail drinks are not only classy but are now affordable for everyone.

GL: What was the single most important decision you made that contributed to your success? 

DAMI: the day I told myself not to give up on my dreams.

GL: Have you ever turned down a client?

DAMI: No… I try to have a good working relationship with all my clients; even the difficult ones.

GL: That’s very impressive.

DAMI: Thank you.

GL: How do you handle difficult and hard to please customers?
DAMI: Well, you have to learn to be patient with everyone. The truth is when you give your client a WOW service; they become very friendly and would recommend you to their friends. 

GL: What is your Competitive Advantage? Why should people patronize happy Chap Cocktails?

DAMI: We at happy Chap Cocktails provide excellent cocktail services at an affordable rate than our competitors. We see our customers as friends not just business associates. 

GL: What is the most challenging thing about running your own business?

DAMI: Every business has its own challenges, it takes up all your time; but if you love something, you keep pushing. 

GL: Do you have any employees and what is your hiring policy?

DAMI: I have five (5) employees for now. I love to hire people that are dedicated, people that are customer eccentric… I have being lucky so far.

GL: How did you make your first sales?

DAMI: I started by making free cocktails drinks for people, then one day I had a lucky break. This colleague of mine decided to give me a shot and I delivered by God’s grace.

To contact Happy Chap Cocktails
Number: 08039212800
Instagram Handle: Happychap_cocktails


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  3. Really inspiring.

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