YOUNG, CLUELESS & NEWLYWEDS! This Is It" S01E01-Honeymoon Crashers

by - 13:45:00

LowlaDeeTV, the producers of the multiple award winning short film ‘Brave’ have released the first episode of “This Is It” starring popular Kenyan actor Nick Mutuma as Tomide and introducing Nigerian actress Chiagoziem Nwakanma as Dede.

The series, created and directed by LowlaDee (Dolapo Adeleke), follows the first year journey of the young, clueless newlyweds Tomide and Dede. Season One documents the first 6 months.

In this episode, Dede and Tomide are still in the honeymoon season. While Dede attempts a sexy move on Tomide, her friends barge in uninvited!

Watch the First Episode Below

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  1. Lol, Nollywood will always you hungry for love💓😍. Anyways, I love this series even tho this is the first episode, I'm anticipating the next episode. It so funny.

  2. When i first watched it; i was like Awwwww i like love, lol. I loved it too that's why i decided to share it here. Thank you for commenting.