Monday, 8 August 2016


I see some ladies complain about the rising rate of Sexual molestations of many girls and women, but ironically, I do not see same folks complain about the rising rate of Songs and music videos that denigrate woman hood.

Can you pump insanity into the airwaves and reap sanity in the society? Impossible! Why will people endorse songs that speak of taking her “home” tonight, “I like the way you do it”…and all manner of unprintable slangs; then we want irrational guys to treat the lady decently?

The media has made sex a recreational activity and that thought has sank into innocent folks. The truth be told- you can’t portray femininity as a sex tool and think people will treat her as an impact tool. In your own sphere of influence, refuse every mannerism and culture that treats you as a tool for a Man’s libido, starting from your present relationship.

You’re more than a container for him to “feel relaxed”. Aren’t you the one God called Adam’s helper? Why have you been turned to a desperate chic seeking a lover? Don’t you know he who finds you has found Favour from God? Become the Femininity in God’s mind today!


Photo Credit: National Institute of Justice

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