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Today makes it one (1) month I started this blog. It really feels like a lot of time has passed. I’d like to first of all appreciate God for giving me this platform and an opportunity to share my life, bless and impact people on such a large scale. 

From the bottom of heart I want to appreciate all my readers. You guys are amazing, the number of views I get every day is overwhelming, for taking the time and data to read what I write is simply incredible, and I appreciate all of you. Its funny how even Non Nigerians are also reading, to everyone of you wherever you’re God bless you. 

I’d like to appreciate everyone who takes the time to drop a comment. The truth is dropping a comment after reading, is not easy and for you guys who do, you’re the real MVP. You guys commenting give me hope. God bless you.

To everyone who has graciously agreed to let me share their articles or write ups, God bless you.

By the special grace of God, this blog is here to stay and I hope you all will give me the opportunity of following me on this journey of purpose. 

Lastly, if you have any article, suggestions, true life story you’d love to share, kindly send it to my email [email protected] and I’d publish it on the blog.

Love, Abuja Bored Girl.

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  1. God bless greatly dear! Am really blessed by your blog!!God is using u for his greatness and u will surely receive his numerous blessingsIJN Amen

  2. Congrats dear!!!really love your blog.

  3. Thank you so much Ess dee. I'm really encouraged by your words, God bless you.

  4. yaaayyyy although am late (better late than never) congratulation abuja bored girl, more grace to you. i really love your blog and your commitment to it your post are usually very inspiring, motivational and true. keep it up.

  5. Sincerely anytime I open and read from ur blog I feel inspired n I know God is taking u places keep it up dear.

  6. Awwww, thank you so much Oga Ay. I appreciate your words. God bless you.

  7. My friend! well-doing o. Thanks for sharing your time with us, to make us better. thanks!!