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I read this from Heather Lindsey facebook account and I decided to share cos I know it’ll bless your life. Please read below.

Came across one of our engagement photos today & had a total flashback! Although we are laughing here, I was extremely uncomfortable! We had been together here for a year and a half & still hadn't kissed. (we waited til our wedding day) We also didn't "stare" into each other's eyes, hug for long periods or pretty much anything.

The struggle was real and trying to portray physical affection for a photo was hard when there was none. We really wanted to guard our hearts in our courtship. We didn't do this for some "law"- we felt led by the Holy Spirit to honor each other's bodies because we didn't BELONG to one another. Our bodies belong to the Lord & as managers - we have to take the instruction to flee tempting situations, to avoid the appearance of evil & to guard our hearts. We knew our equipment worked & didn't want to dishonor God by trying it out. 

Your relationship should bring more glory to God naturally than it does your flesh. Although I'm glad these painful yet cute photos are finished, I'm thankful for that season. I felt protected. I felt like God wasn't limited or hindered in our courtship. I had never felt full confidence in Jesus while being in a relationship! I had no shame, no conviction or worry because we guarded our hearts. Jesus was first. And, now being married to this man for 6 years, I thank God for that temporary season. 

God truly honored us when we honored Him. So, if you're desiring a relationship or you're in one - make sure it brings glory to the Father. Everything we do should glorify Him & Him alone. It may be hard for a season, but it's so, so, so worth it. 

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  1. Hmmmm this is a really good message for this our generation as people have even left kissing to sex ..... Thanks for sharing this