Thursday, 16 June 2016


You guys know I use to regret coming back home, until a friend told me God had a plan in my being back home and I should not be carried away with that regret thereby missing the lessons.
From that day, I’ve being praying that I wouldn’t miss the lessons. Funny enough, soon after I saw the following post on @tokemakinwa instagram’s page and thought to share. The truth is God has a plan for every event in our life and our duty is to trust Him.

Until you pass the test, you’ll keep repeating that class. It’ll keep happening until you learn. Things happen not to break us but to teach us more about ourselves. Are you stuck being bitter about that experience? You can do better. Ask God to reveal the lessons in the mess, pray for clarity and when it comes, own up to it. God is preparing you for a glorious end but you have to stay ready. Where purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable. You’ll walk through fire but because God is in there with you, it’ll refine you, shine you, make you golden and people around you will be amazed at how easy you made it look. 

I love you for reading. Any thoughts? Kindly drop a comment. God bless you.

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