Thursday, 26 May 2016


Sincerely Airtel, what's up?

I've being searching for your modem for the past one(1) week now and I can't get it to buy.  Why is your modem so scarce?

I walked into a shop today and when I said I wanted to buy an Airtel modem, they looked at me like (why Airtel). I even went to an Airtel shop earlier in the week and they didn’t have, the staff I met there doesn’t even know when they will have. Everywhere I’ve went, other networks modem are readily available, except Airtel.
Someone will soon ask me why I’m hell bent on using Airtel. Airtel has being good to me, their data is cheap and affordable (9gb at N3500), they always double my recharge (including free weekend calls) , what more can I ask for???
Despite the frustrations I’ve had in getting an Airtel modem, I’ll still keep on searching till I get one.
Honestly Airtel, you guys should fix this and make your modems available.
I'm tired of searching for it.

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