Monday, 23 May 2016


So earlier today, my boss was commenting on my looks saying that in the last six (6) months I’ve being radiating (looking good). Thinking about it now, it’s being 7months I left an emotionally abusive relationship. 

The first month it happened, I was devastated, crushed, even felt betrayed. But each day made me realize how blessed I am that the relationship ended. 

So back to my gist, my boss was so convinced that my looking extra good and radiating had to do with a man, lol. There was someone else in the office, and they both unanimously came to that conclusion. Unfortunately for them, it ain’t true. But it hits me that when a lady/woman is looking extra good/beautiful people always think a man somewhere is responsible for it. 

I don’t think our happiness/peace should be dependent on any man. Truth is no matter who that man is; he’s still fallible and just a mere mortal. I’m really glad that I’m at peace, joyful, progressing at my relationship with Christ and my inner peace is showing outwardly.

But really, why do people always assume that a man is responsible for the happiness of a woman? I really would like to know.

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